What is the cybernolgy?

The cybernology is the new caracterology int the XXI. hundred.
The grafology and the cibernology fusions is the cybernology.
Founded in the year 2009 November.
We organise the seminars, trenings and the Cibernology Group.

***** The Basics of Cybercrime *****

  1. The source, the character, the relationship, the attitude, the mentality and the success of the creators are highly mapped in the publications, posters and other works of the Internet.
  2. If the source changes its creation, website, event, organization, then the change (good or bad) will return to the source and its results.
  3. There is no perfectly good or totally bad creation.
  4. If we reactivate our old initiatives, then the subsequent events and creations can also be renewed, depending on the basics and reactivation.
  5. The creation of the topic, the preliminary discussion of the topic implies and induces the source, the creative relations, and the effectiveness of the creation as well.
  6. The basic principle of Cybernology is only public for the initiators.

General founder: Peter Szilvasy, Hungary * EYA & EPA & X-party
www.kibernologia.hu * info@kibernologia.hu * +3670-2260641

Budapest, 2019-07-20